Did You Know Storytelling is One of the Most In Demand Skills in the New Economy?

You've always loved story, and most of your life people have said, "What are you going to do with THAT?" Now everyone from solopreneurs to coaches to major companies like Google and NASA all invest in story coaching and consulting.

You already HAVE the GIFT. Let's monetize and build your
dream life around it. It's totally possible.


 My name is Tanya Taylor Rubinstein and for the last two decades I've dedicated my life and career to story coaching, and been paid well for it.


I've shared the stage with people like Anne Lamott and Julia Cameron as a storytelling expert, having coached hundreds of individuals on their solo shows, memoirs and brand stories.

I created a therapeutic monologue process, originally used with people who had experienced cancer, but later was used with veterans, caregivers, mothers, LGBT youth and more. The Cancer Monologue Project got a book deal and was featured in "O" - Oprah Magazine, The CBS Early Show and NPR.

I can no longer meet the demand for my one on one work and I am dedicated to training Story Coaches worldwide.

You can register for my free e-book, "How to Create a Financially Thriving Story Coaching Business that Feeds Your Soul and Changes the World" and discover the most important aspects of becoming a well paid story coach today.