Are you ready to turn your gifts, talents and passion for story into a prosperous coaching business? 

I've loved story since I was a child and even graduated from acting school, but I didn't want an actor's life. Over the past two decades I have created a thriving story coaching business in the areas of solo performance, memoir, transformational storytelling and storytelling for entrepreneurs. I now train highly creative and passionate people like you to start or grow their own story coaching business through my one year story coach mentorship.



A Letter from Tanya Taylor Rubinstein

When I started coaching people on how to tell their stories two decades ago, no one had even heard the term "story coach."

TT2©_Jennifer_Esperanza-682x1024-1-1Choosing to become a story coach in any capacity is a unique and specific calling as well as a career. Who even knew what it was twenty years ago?

And yet, at this particular moment in history, story has, in many ways, become more essential than ever. It’s current purpose is to bring authenticity and depth, into our fast moving, tech-based world.

Storytelling has become recognized as a critical business skill whether one is a creative entrepreneur, a visionary CEO or a marketing professional.

The value of story has seeped its way into both alternative and mainstream consciousness. Our society has become much savvier and discerning on so many levels. The old ways of introducing oneself to individuals and communities do not work. Nor does manipulative marketing.

The answer to the question of what does work - is sharing our stories. Done elegantly and appropriately, it is a skill that will not fail us. And, once we are engaged in the creative process required by storytelling, we become the recipients of its soul based bounty. It returns us to our most open hearted and soulful ways of living.

Sharing our essential stories, while weaving them with our visions, missions and teaching messages is what leads to clarity, ethics and joy in both business and life.

Sharing our stories also supports intimacy, transparency, safety and empathy in all facets of our lives.

This is why audiences show up for solo shows at a theater. This is why memoir is the fastest growing form in the publishing industry. This is why executives are hiring story coaches to assist them in humanizing the message of their business.

Do you want to know the secret of the Universe?

None of us know how to do it “right.” None of us know exactly how to live. We all look for models in each other’s stories. The trail of breadcrumbs that will lead us to the answers we seek, are found in making sense and finding meaning in the sacred stories of life, yours and mine.

While tech has put the world at our fingertips, it has also desensitized many of us in important ways. Re-connecting with the ancient art of story and weaving it into our creative lives and businesses offsets those side effects. In short, sharing our authentic stories is one of the most immediate and essential ways to bring us straight back into our hearts and souls. As a practice, it is a way to keep up deeply grounded in our humanity.

As a Professional Story Coach, you will be learning the skills of storytelling and how to apply them to the contemporary world.

Is this the year you meet your calling and finally start your financially sustainable story coaching practice?

My One Year Professional Story Coach Mentorship Might Be Exactly What You Need.

Anneli Rosteski

Tanya is a dynamo! She understands story as a mechanism for soul growth and has a willingness to coach outside-the-box. Her methods allow for an organic process to unfold, which I value greatly. Tanya's ability to hold space for my deepest desires has been the most valuable part being coached as I complete my one woman show, Becoming Anneli, and develop my own story coaching business.

Anneli Rosteski

Format of the Mentorship

In this one-year, individual program, you will not only be offered the coaching skills and curriculum to set up a professional story coaching business, but you will be led through an intimate process to identify and express your own story. From there you will choose how to focus your business. You will be taught how to coach individuals, lead workshops, as well as work in organizational environments. You will be supported in finding your niche market and Tanya will personally lead you through your creative skill-set (memoir, coaching for business storytelling, transformational storytelling and/or solo performance.) You will also be taught how to work with professionals in the realm of story based speaking.

You will be guided in identifying and developing your own Inner Story Master as well as learning all the necessary steps to build a sustainable story based business.

Included in the mentorship is two 70-minute coaching calls per month for a year, plus unlimited email contact. You will also participate in a live four days with Tanya in Santa Fe (we will determine the time at our convenience) where you will focus on Marketing/Branding/developing content for your website OR a StoryHealers one-on-one training OR coaching on a TED type talk.

This program can be done live or via Skype.

The program also includes lifetime access to my online program for story coaches, S-School (, which gives you all my experience, advice and curriculum.

Ready for your One Year Mentorship?

Marsha's Story

12238229_10153375194844412_8902576201253171272_o-768x10241-768x1024I first met Tanya in 2014 at The Black Mesa writing conference in Santa Fe where she was one of the presenters. I had come to this workshop for inspiration and community, hoping to learn something that would help me focus on one of the many creative projects I'd begun, but never finished. When Tanya stood before the group and asked us, "How many of you have unfinished projects?" I and dozens of other women raised our hands. What she said next struck me to my core. "When you abandon your projects, you abandon yourselves."

As someone who had been abandoned as as child, those words moved me. After the conference those words stayed with me and I knew I had to connect with this woman who had uttered such a profound truth.  I called her and we talked about her work with storytelling and coaching, the power of completion, and what it could mean to "live into and embody" my story. 

After talking with her,  I knew that I needed to work with her in two important ways -- to find the strength to complete my own project and to learn how to help others do the same. Under her direction, I would write and perform a one woman show  -- a "memoir on steroids" as Tanya described it.  And I would go on to work with Tanya to develop my own story coaching business. 

Not only has Tanya helped me complete one of the many unfinished projects I had when I met her two years ago, she coached and directed me in the performance of a one woman show "Chalkdust," based on my experiences as a young white teacher learning from my students in the African American community -- something that I had been working on in solitude and silence for decades.    Working with Tanya on "Chalkdust" changed my life.  No longer was I someone who wanted to do a one woman show, I was someone who had done it!  That was a huge breakthrough in my life and gave me the confidence to share what I learned with others.  And as I took my story out into the world, sharing it with other educators,  I realized the power of my play to inspire other teachers to tell their personal stories.  

My current work with Tanya, where she is helping me develop my own story coaching business, is a culmination of all of my life's experiences --- my teaching career, my writing,  my personal journey -- helping other people tell their stories is a way for me to share my knowledge and to become whole.     Coaching others to mine for, develop and tell their own stories for healing and transformation has been Tanya's life's work. She has lived every aspect of the process, worked with countless people and helped birth thousands of stories. What an act of generosity that Tanya is offering all of her accumulated knowledge and wisdom to people like you and me who want to move this work forward in our own way.

Marsha Pincus

I want to know if the mentorship is right for me. What are my next steps?

Book a call with me as soon as possible from my calendar here or use the scheduler below to find a time that works.

If you can't find a time, e-mail me at

There are a limited number of spaces I have available per year for this work. This helps me give my best to my clients. If you are ready to invest in yourself, I will also invest in you. Story coaching is not a money-making scheme, but a life path and a devotion - one that can be a lucrative career with increasing money making opportunities over time. I find that a conversation helps us both determine if our relationship together will be a productive and enjoyable one. Either use the link above to book a call or email me and we will set up a time to speak.

The call is free and there's NO obligation.

About Tanya Taylor Rubinstein

Tanya is an internationally recognized expert story coaching.

TT2©_Jennifer_EsperanzaTanya Taylor Rubinstein is an internationally recognized expert in the field of solo performance and story coaching. She has written and performed, coached, directed and produced hundreds of one person shows at theaters, conferences and festivals.

She has also led memoir writing workshops and classes for elders and professionals alike, being a part of the process of many published books, traditionally and self-published.

Additionally the creator of a therapeutic monologue process called StoryHealers, her work has been featured in "O" The Oprah Magazine, where it was called “a gift and a necessity,” on NPR, in BackStage and on CBS (The Early Show). She is the co-editor of the book The Cancer Monologue Project and the New Mexico reviewer for Broadway World.

She trains story coaches in her one-on-one mentorship and through her online program, S-School.

Linda's Story


I hired Tanya to develop and direct my solo show musical. It was the most rewarding project of my life. So I decided to go deeper with Tanya. I trusted and respected her. I hired her to work with me one on one to develop a Business.

Tanya is a steady compass that holds me to my deepest dreams. When I want to abandon myself, Tanya is there to hold my feet on the ground. Tanya is adept at addressing the “the work behind the work”……the fears, roadblocks, and issues. She is a safe space for me to push through it all.

Tanya is an expert in leading Storytelling Workshops. She coached me through the process of leading workshops, providing curriculum and support. She also flew across the country to my hometown to mentor me in leading a week long Transformational, Immersion Workshop. This hands on training was invaluable.

Tanya is very generous! She lives by her mantra to get her clients to completion – whatever it takes. She goes above and beyond. This is not a cookie cutter business plan. Tanya is committed to developing your own unique business and vision.

Tanya models successful entrepreneurship for creatives. She not only gives you a business model but she leads you towards the most important aspect of your business: your highest vision, your highest consciousness, and your most generous and loving self. She will help you develop a business that not only makes money but helps people and changes the world for the better. Working with Tanya is a blessing and valuable investment.

What are you waiting for?

If you know that story coaching is the path you are committing to, but haven't truly devoted yourself to it yet,  I leave you with these questions:

  • Is this the year you will finally step into the light as a visionary coach, facilitator and storyteller in your own right?
  • Is this the year you will claim your full power as a coach and do work that feels vital and life-affirming?
  • Do you want to keep dreaming about it, or take the steps to make it happen?

Please remember, there are only so many students I can work with in a given year, as these are intensive. I am also working on my own solo show, directing a solo show and running my online program for aspiring story coaches,    S-School. If you're serious about taking back the reins of your career, we should definitely have a conversation.

The sooner you secure your spot, the sooner you will be filling your days with work that feels like play and truly helping people toward their highest expression.

I'll leave you with this final question... Don’t you want the way you make money to be completely aligned with your heart and soul?

I did and I have fulfilled my heart's desire following this path. It’s a path that leads you deeper into your own Self.  I promise you that your life will get bigger than you even dreamed.

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