Have you dreamed of running your own successful story-based business?

I'm Tanya Taylor Rubinstein, the Global Story Coach. I've created a successful six-figure story coaching business that lets me do meaningful, soul-based work on my own terms. People fly in from all over the world to work with me and I get paid to be creative. It's a dream. Now, I'm sharing all of my knowledge, curriculum and experience so that you can become a successful story coach too.



A Letter from Tanya Taylor Rubinstein

I have created a six-figure story coaching business that helps the world and feeds my soul - and you can do the same.

tanya-taylor-rubenstein-solo-story-coachMany coaches throw around promises of six-figure incomes on websites and Face- book. Some are likely true and others are perhaps more “wishful” thinking.

Whatever the case, seeing so many of these promises floating around inspired me to go inside myself and reflect on how I got to this place in my life where I have something profound to offer others. I do live an abundant life as a story coach with clients who connect with me from all over the world. I do make a six- figure income living in a place that I love. And I do have time to pursue related passions such as travel, yoga and writing.

I’m living the life of my dreams now, but things were not always like this. Far from it, actually! I’ve been in business for twenty years and many of those years were a struggle in terms of time and money.

Although I have been devoted to my business and had early success with one of my projects that landed me in Oprah Magazine, with a book deal and a national tour, the truth is that at that time, I did not know how to leverage all those opportunities into a sustainable business. Those lessons have been learned over time.

These are the lessons that are covered in S-School. The first half of S-School is focused on the different types of story coaching - solo performance, memoir, transformational monologue, and brand story coaching. The second half of S-School focuses on story coaching as a business. What you need to know to market your services online and in person. I've also brought together members of my team to do a couple special bonus webinars on finding the right web designer and working with a Virtual Assistant - two things that become necessary as your business grows.

When I was creating this career for myself, most people had never heard of a story coach (in fact, the term is still pretty new!) But if you haven't seen the shift in how people are valuing storytelling in the past few years, you have not been paying attention! This is the time to establish yourself as a story coach. Whether you want to work with individual entrepreneurs or artists, non-profits or brands, I am here to help support you in that journey.

I pinch myself most days thinking about how blessed I am to be doing this work. It was no accident. I created this life for myself - and you can create a story coaching career that works for you. S-School will help you get the information and support you need to do so.

Learn more about S-School below - 



What if you could spend your days facilitating artists, entrepreneurs, non-profits and businesses on storytelling?

S-School Will Teach You How To Create a Story Coaching Business That Works for YOU.


An Online Training Program for Professional Story Coaches

S-School gives you everything you need to create a thriving professional story business.

We start with the foundations of story coaching, covering all the specifics of solo performance, memoir, story coaching for business, creativity coaching, and transformational storytelling.  Then we cover all aspects of creating and maintaining a thriving story coaching business, from marketing and branding and attracting ideal clients to creating live and online events and what to charge. S-School will help you learn how to earn your worth, identify your story niche, and create services around it.

What do I get from my investment in S-School?

  • 10 Modules of Story Coaching Curriculum and Assignments, plus bonus sample curriculum that I use in my workshops and programs.
  • Three one-on-one 60 minute coaching calls with Tanya to get your business off on the right track.
  • Lifetime Access to the Private Facebook group where you can ask Tanya questions anytime.
  • The opportunity to be set up with an accountability partner in S-School so you stay on track.

The program is delivered through videos created specifically for S-School (like the one above, which you'll get access to immediately when you sign up!) There are also written lessons for each module, plus accompanying worksheets and resources to support you in learning and building your business.

What's Covered in the Modules:

Module 1: An Introduction to Story Coaching

Module 2: Story and Stage Coaching (coaching solo performance)

Module 3: The Art and Soul of Memoir

Module 4: Coaching Transformational Storytelling

Module 5: Brand Coaching for Entrepreneurs and Conscious Business

Module 6: Brand Story and Organic Business Essentials - Part One

Module 7: Brand Story and Organic Business Essentials - Part Two

Module 8: Making Money, True Prosperity and Vision

Module 9: The Value of Doing Your Own Creative Project / Creating an Online Program

Module 10: Synthesis: Success By Being Your Most Authentic Self


There is a whole extra module filled with bonus content that didn't make it into the first 10 modules, but I've put together something even more useful for you - 3 bonus webinars with my virtual assistants, web design team and marketing consultant.

Bonus Webinar 1:

My two virtual assistants (Lori Kirstein, The Tech Creative and Kerri Lowe at KAYLOcreative) share their best tips for hiring and working with a virtual team. What to look for, what to avoid, and how to set up systems that will help you delegate seamlessly.

Bonus Webinar 2:

A webinar with RKAink, my web team on how to find a great web designer, what you should have prepared when you find a designer, what their job is and more tips on co-creating a website that feels authentic to you and also drives sales.

Bonus Webinar 3:

My marketing consultant, Kylie Slavik, teaches a webinar on how to think about creating sales funnels online that will help clients find you and get to know you 24/7, leading to a solid brand presence and communications strategy, and of course, more sales.

Lori's Story

imagesHonestly, until last year I didn't even know that storytelling was as big a "thing" as it is. Even though I'm a professional actor and personal growth workshop leader, I didn't know. Then Tanya appeared. I started S-School without knowing what I would be learning, but eager to do so. And what has happened as a result is a slow and gorgeous rise of the most beautifully unexpected type of life turning I have gone through yet - and I'm 58 (which I can't even believe, because "I'm younger than that now", which you have to be as old as 58 to "get").

I am not only learning so many methods of helping others open and rise in their lives, I am taking on an entirely new way of viewing and expressing and living my own life. This is not a small thing, so you can imagine that this will take some time to incorporate and absorb. It's like a big ship on the ocean, turning: it takes time, and has a beautiful, slow majesty to its movement. And that is actually the magic of this program. I don't know if Tanya intended this, but this program is so full of insight, information, honesty, invitation to self-reflection that it is like taking the time to live the life I didn't live the "first" time, because I was too busy trying to do things "right", or in reaction to rather than response to - which to me means that Tanya has in fact downloaded her life into this program, and invites the participant to take. her. time! And taking your time means evolution, baby! Not just another fact-finding experience!

You want information? Check! You want inspiration? Check! You want experiential learning? Check! You want to feel that you have a teacher you can turn to, and a community to share with and learn from over time, and in your own time in which you absorb, apply and integrate your growing understanding and self-knowledge? Check, check, check, check, CHECK!

I honestly feel that whether you want to be a storytelling coach, or you crave the insight into your true self that may have been frustratingly elusive for many years, or both - this is the place. As a lifelong seeker, I can tell you, in worldly ways as well as spiritual, I'm finally doing some finding. This really IS the place.

Lori Kirstein, The Tech Creative / The Goodbye Good Girl Project

Why is S-School an excellent career investment?

If you want to create a financially thriving, joyful and full business as a story coach, you’re going to have to invest in both yourself and your business. Being a powerful and compelling story coach means that you need to understand human nature deeply. First, you need to know yourself and understand the arc of your own life and story. Once you can identify your own patterns and cycles of life, you are more easily able to identify how these connect to the universal patterns of human nature. You will have a better sense of how to interact with others as well as identifying the themes and through lines in their stories.

I have invested a great deal of time and money in my personal growth and in my career. I’ve taken Family Constellation workshops, worked with a Jungian analyst, taken numerous writing workshops to sharpen my craft and worked with a business coach. I have hired web designers over the years and now, have a strong and comprehensive web presence. I’ve hired people to help me with social media and I continue to take yoga classes. I also drink a green juice every day! What do these things have in common? They are all aspects of becoming the kind of person who is both aware and awake to many sides of life. They all have contributed to the depth of my knowledge as a story coach. It is also essential that you invest in yourself as a human being.

While doing this depth of work with others, it is key to your success that you find times to do things that water your own garden. This is joyful, yet intense work. If you do not take care of yourself, mind, body and soul, you will not be able to create a business that is truly sustainable. You will burn out, and that is not what we’re going for here!

Interestingly, the more time and care I give to myself, the more high-end clients I attract. Some people say, “But I don’t have the money to invest in my business or myself in the way I want.” Money is energy. I understand what it is like to feel like “I can’t afford something” or that I am limited because the money is not in the account now. The truth is, money is a perceived obstacle. It’s part of your job as a professional story coach to learn how to attract it and use it well. Part of your resiliency and tenacity training may be manifesting the money for what is necessary to get your business and self-care house in order.

Most of my career has been as a single mom, creating her business from only a thought, an idea, with no backers or investors behind me. Part of what I teach my professional story coaches is about manifesting income while growing your business. It is a dance to be sure, but entirely doable, once you know the steps.

Ready to start your career as a story coach?

Michael's Story

If you’re reading this, you’re looking for some reassurance that S-School is for you. Maybe you’re not sure you should invest your hard-earned money; or you’re not sure it’s going to deliver what you’re looking for. Relax, I was thinking the same things before I made my decision. And I should tell you up-front that I am not being paid to offer my testimony nor have I anything to gain by doing so. I’m offering my feedback in the genuine hope that it helps you make the right decision. And it’s all based on having taken the course myself. I’ve been in the story coaching business for more than ten years. During that time, I’ve come to know many of the men and women in the field. I’ve got to know who’s in it for themselves and who is in it as a genuine service to others. Tanya is one of those people who’s passion for story is genuine and authentic. She is one of the most generous coaches I’ve met. She and her team are dedicated to serving those with a real passion for story and who want to make a difference in the world. And yes, S-School is a serious investment – an investment in yourself. Can you afford not to invest in yourself at this time in your life?

The S-School curriculum is overflowing with content, real nuts-and-bolts material that Tanya has created from years of experience, material that you can adapt to your particular interest. Interested in coaching for performance? Tanya covers it and shares a detailed model for doing it well. Interested in transformational story coaching? Again, Tanya offers a detailed structure which will help you get up and running. Need help transforming your passion for story into a viable coaching business? Look no further. Tanya shares her business model which has made her one of the successful and sought-after story coaches in the world. Again, Tanya is very generous in material, links to useful website and videos, providing real-life examples and illustrations of the work. She’ll have you telling your brand story and encouraging you to live and walk your talk.

And that’s just some of what S-School offers. Be prepared to be challenged and pushed out of your comfort zone. Be prepared to work hard. But also be prepared to be supported, encouraged, and inspired. Tanya and her team are generous with their time and advice. They will provide the materials to work with; and you create. They provide you with inspiration and support; you deliver. S-School is a win-win experience.

In addition to the practical, detailed content, S-School offers you a supportive community, essential for anyone working as a solopreneur, change agent, or performer. Using social media and webinar formats, Tanya is there to listen and support you. You’ll have the opportunity to learn from your fellow “classmates” and to share your experiences and learning. And don’t let any anxiety about using technology keep you from signing up. S-School is easy to navigate. I’m in my 60's and if this “old dog” can learn the tricks of downloading and signing on for online sessions, so can you. And if you have any problems, Tanya’s team will take you by the hand and guide you. You can access lessons through the S-School website.

Sign up for S-School if you’re serious about your passion for story and want to make a difference. Sign up for S-School if you’re ready to up your game and transform your enthusiasm into a viable service. Sign up for S-School if you’re ready to sink your teeth into juicy material that nourishes and will make you a stronger storyteller and/or coach. Invest in yourself and your future. If now’s not the time . . . then when?

I’m leaving S-School with a clearer vision of what I want to offer through my work. I leave with a greater repertoire of practical coaching skills and techniques. I leave with greater confidence in myself and my service to others. And I leave knowing that Tanya, her team, and my fellow colleagues at S-School have my back. S-School is my community, my tribe, my fellow adventurers in the exciting realm of story. S-School has been a challenging journey. I’m calling you to the adventure. What are you waiting for?

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Michael Williams, Michael Williams Story Coaching

About Tanya Taylor Rubinstein

Tanya is an internationally recognized expert in
solo performance and story coaching.

TT2©_Jennifer_EsperanzaTanya Taylor Rubinstein is an internationally recognized expert in the field of solo performance and story coaching. She has devoted the past thirty years to developing and exploring the Art of the One-Person Show. She has written and performed, coached, directed and produced hundreds of one person shows at theaters, conferences and festivals. She is based in Santa Fe, New Mexico where her students and clients come to work with her from all over the world at her famous "Solo Performance Boot Camp." She now offers her one-on-one Boot Camps via Skype as well as in person.

Tanya Taylor Rubinstein is one of the world’s premier Solo Performance Coaches and Directors. Her work has been featured in "O", The Oprah Magazine, where it was called “a gift and a necessity,” on NPR, in BackStage and on CBS (The Early Show). She is the co-editor of the book The Cancer Monologue Project and the New Mexico reviewer for Broadway World.

Ready for S-School?

What are you waiting for?

If you have been dreaming about running your own creative business for forever, I leave you with these questions:

  • Is THIS the year you will say YES to yourself and your dreams?
  • Is this the year you will lay the foundation for your thriving, financially stable and freedom-giving business?
  • Is this the year you will stop ignoring your gifts and truly be of service in the world in a way that lights you up?
  • Do you want to keep dreaming about it, or take the steps to make it happen?

Please remember that the world needs creatives like you. Coaches, facilitators, healers, leaders, storytellers - people who aren't afraid to go deep.

The world has shifted. When I started, there weren't many people in business who understood the power of story. Now, everyone knows how necessary storytelling is and want to invest in it. It's incredible.

Becoming a professional story coach is the new career path for creatives with backgrounds in theatre, writing, performance, psychology and more. It is a calling and a devotion. It is a way to make a good living doing what you love.

If the path of story coaching is for you, do not refuse the call.

I have fulfilled my heart's desire following this path. It’s a path that leads you deeper into your own Self. Sign up for S-School today. With lifetime access, you've got nothing to lose and can go at your own pace. I promise you that your life will get bigger than you even dreamed.

S-School Founder, Tanya, believes that "personal" and "professional" are inextricably linked.  Through S-School, I now understand how "story" and "healing" are also connected in the same ways.  S-School offers specific tools that help both me and my clients:  for me, in creating a Brand, Mission and Vision; providing the road-map for growing my business; for my clients, offering activities to arrive at the core of their story.  Probably most useful is how S-School creates effective facilitators... over 20 years' experience guiding how to "be" with clients.  This delicate work demands concrete strategies, and S-School has nailed it!  S-School and its staff provide excellent support and guidance.  I always feel heard, and my questions are addressed promptly.  Thank you, Tanya and S-School!

Susie Crowther, Author and Founder, Energy Refraction

Susie's Story

Cara's Story

"Tanya brings a depth of heart, knowledge and experience unlike anything else I've found in the world of story. Her S-School is as inspiring as it is comprehensive and has helped me fine-tune my brand, deepen my knowledge and walk away with practical tools and exercises I can use right away. The live calls were super helpful and I'll be referring back to so many of the in-depth resources she provided again and again. Thanks Tanya and S-School for so bravely pioneering the field of story coaching!"

Cara Jones, Founder, Storytellers for Good

I want to enroll in S-School. What are my next steps?

S-School can be joined at any time. The total cost of S-School is $1895. Your three sessions with Tanya just need to be scheduled within one year of purchasing, at your convenience and when you are ready to go! Many people take time to go through the material and then book their one on one sessions. You get immediate access to the Private Facebook Group. 

If you have any questions, or would like to set up a phone call about the program, e-mail me at Tanya@GlobalSchoolofStory.com


Ready for S-School?

Still on the Fence? A Few More Testimonials...

Sofiah's Story

"Prior to S-School I had the honor of working with Tanya on a solo performance. I was carrying some very old wounds and a great deal of conflict and fear around performance and expressing my creativity.  I was stuck and floundering with an unclear sense of what I was doing or where I was going. Despite those fears and conflicts, I had a calling to do the work. Tanya understood exactly where I was, where I needed to go and she walked with me to get past those fears to make a commitment.  As a result of the trust and confidence she invested in me, I joined S-School.

As a seasoned Teacher and Coach myself, I recognize Tanya as a Master Teacher, Visionary and a True leader in the field of Story, Coaching and Performance.  Not only does she have the talent and wealth of knowledge of the field, her roles as Artist, Teacher, and Coach are a true calling and gift to her students and the world.

S-School offers creatives and professionals a rich, innovative, relevant and creative curriculum to become deeply rooted in the work and distinctive in the field. There are many creative, spiritual people like myself who have been laboring for years to bring our very important work to the forefront. Many of us have been hurt, deceived and ignorant to the subliminal and not so subliminal messages of the culture regarding art and its worth. Tanya understands this and what its like to break through to one’s purpose and mission and to carry it to the world with all the authenticity, creativity and courage you can muster. If you need help, S-School will provide the support and structure you need to become your true self.

As a result of Tanya’s program and sage guidance, the immense resource material she offers, as well as the structured collaboration with other students, I now have the clarity, courage, inspiration and knowledge to move forward confidently in the field.  Thank you, Tanya!

Sofiah Ngoran, Sofiah Ngoran + Company

With S-School, Tanya offers something uniquely holistic: a training program in which personal and professional, creative and practical components of the work are not only equally represented, they are shown to be intrinsically linked. I’ve spent years trying to cobble together bits of knowledge or skill in some aspect of business here, experience in another over there all on my own. Hell, I have 5-figure student loans from a program in which I spent 2 years devoted to my craft but was never taught the first thing about how to translate my vision into a sustainable vocation…or even how to think about putting the pieces together. What a tremendous gift S-School has been.

Courtney Arnold, S-School Member

Courtney's Story

Stephanie's Story

As a copywriter, telling the stories of the work people do and why it matters is a natural part of my job, but lately I’ve felt called to take my skill set to a new level. S-School helped me expand my knowledge of brand storytelling while also giving me a foundational understanding of other types of story work — there’s so many possibilities as a story coach! During the course I  moved from being unclear about the next steps in my business to having the clarity and confidence to move into a new role as a brand story coach. Being able to take the course more than once is also an unbelievable bonus as there’s just so much amazing knowledge to absorb. I could tell from week one that Tanya cares deeply about everyone who comes to the course and has poured her heart into creating and sharing it with us. I look forward to going through the course again and expanding my knowledge even further!

Stephanie Shantz, S-School Member

I’ve worked with Tanya  extensively. She developed and Directed my One Woman Musical.  it was the most incredible and fulfilling project of my life. Tanya’s commitment to me and my show was remarkable so I decided to work with Tanya again for start my own story-based business.

Once again Tanya not only provides incredible content, but also takes me through the work behind the work. She helps me to push through my fears past external and internal obstacles. She is a leader and supporter. S-School is filled with incredible content for various story based programs. The curriculum is deep and extensive. It’s not a fly by the night, shallow internet course. You will be given the tools to shortcut your way to success with Tanya behind you the whole way!

Linda Bonadies, S-School Member

Linda's Story

Ready to Start Your Career As a Story Coach?